Make my face up~

Hey guys!! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Today’s something I’m gonna call Makeup Day!ย  Not sure if this is going to be routine but I like keeping things sporadic so it might not lol, maybe. Depending on the mood or so it might be themed makeup too from a certain movie or whatever or it’ll just be normal day […]


Hei! ๐Ÿ™‚ How’s everyone today? As for myself I’ve been sleeping all day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ haven’t been feeling well so this is going to be a short one! I just wanted to know what clothing sites people like? Mine ranges from YesStyle, Sheinside, PLNDR soo many more. I serioisly love getting new stuff just as much […]

Cleansing Facial?~

Quick post guys! Facials are such a luxury sometimes and I can’t get enough of them but sometimes it can be pricey too. Loveheart Sparkling Powder is an amazing and soothing product that everyone needs to experience. Just the fact that it cools and deeply goes into the pores all the while it moisturizes makes […]


Aamu! โค I love eyeliner whether it’s a dark or a light color. Favorite style would have to be winged but I’ll try new styles depending on how I feel or how I’m dressed. I usually don’t do thick lines since I’m not one for heavier makeup but I’ll switch it up for events and […]

My beauty essentials

Makeup That’s a huge, broad category that has endless amounts of stuff in it. There’s (in a list) Toner Moisturizer BB cream CC Cream Primer Powder Bronzerย  Concealer And just way much more stuff to cake onto the face and make everything go wrong in one way. Obviously there’s people who love to get subsections […]