Trying hobbies I love!

ImageHi everyone! 🙂

Actually starting to blog like I’ve been wanting to for awhile 🙂 I’ve either been too lazy to do this or too scared because I’m not sure of what the outcome will be buuut here I am!

My name is Genesis and my blogs just gonna be my daily life in beauty struggles lol, such as what I do with beauty, where I get my beauty and how I use it. Since I am pretty much a newbie here I don’t expect much notice but if you do happen to see me thanks!

This is just something I’ve been dying to try and to see what new experiences will come with it. Right now I’m dreaming big like becoming affiliated with beauty companies but we’ll see where it goes 🙂

Companies I love would be WishTrend, Sephora, Mac and a whole bunch of mixed Euro, Asian and American ones!

I hope people will follow me on this journey and I hope to achieve what I dream c:


I’m kinda cheesy but hey!



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