My beauty essentials



That’s a huge, broad category that has endless amounts of stuff in it.

There’s (in a list)

  1. Toner
  2. Moisturizer
  3. BB cream
  4. CC Cream
  5. Primer
  6. Powder
  7. Bronzer 
  8. Concealer

And just way much more stuff to cake onto the face and make everything go wrong in one way. Obviously there’s people who love to get subsections of everything but for me it’s too much and I have the fear of breaking out due to too much stuff. 

So I keep it simple!

I have BB cream (Etude House), eyeliner, cream and pen ( Maybelline products, lol don’t recall their names) concealer stick (not sure what brand) another BB cream (Missha) annnnd eyeshadow pallets as well as mascara! 

I’m not the person to go into a store and start shopping for makeup…well unless it’s a drug store LOL 

But I do all of my shopping online most of the time. And there’s basically only one website I shop from…


Lol but really they have amazing products and usually really good deal and for a college student like myself I can’t help but to want to buy everything c: 

Anyways that was a little rant back to what I was actually talking about. I feel that we don’t need tons of makeup on our face, a select amount of makeup can give anyone what they’re looking for. 

I just love know what people use and when and for what occasion, so if anyone is reading this be sure to tell me so I can explore these items and see if I like it myself 🙂




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