Aamu! ❤

I love eyeliner whether it’s a dark or a light color.

Favorite style would have to be winged but I’ll try new styles depending on how I feel or how I’m dressed. I usually don’t do thick lines since I’m not one for heavier makeup but I’ll switch it up for events and such.

I have a certain way I apply my eyeliner, which honestly I have no idea if theres people like me out there who do this! Lol

Step 1. I apply my Maybelline Eyestudio cream in black. Using my eyeliner brush I wing it out from the corner of my eye and bring it into my inner eye. The thing is I basically trace the shape I want and shade it in like a drawing 🙂

Step 2. Since I feel that the cream by itself looks a bit dull and borish I go over it all with my Revlon eyeliner pen. Which in my opinion makes it POP! 🙂

How about you lovelies, what kind of method do you use for eyeliner if you use any at all?

Also are there any eyeliners that are recommended?




5 thoughts on “Eyeliners

  1. I usually use pencil and don’t make wing. I like winged eyeliner just it takes more time for me to make wings look the same on both eyes:D So I draw wings for parties only:) I want to try this eyeliner from Maybelline or the one in the same pot and with brush from Loreal. I don’t know whether they are different or not.

    • I haven’t tried the Loreal one actually! I might have to give it a go and see how it is. And I totally agree with the whole wings being the same but trust me when you practice practice practice it gets way better. I completely sucked at first lol! C: I think it’s kinda acceptable now!

      • I’m lazy to practice wing:D I practiced so long simple liner the way I like and still sometimes it doesn’t look as I want:)

  2. I used to use the maybelline eyestudio, but then I switched to the Loreal 24 hour Laquer liner (gold top) and I’m hooked. To me, the formula is creamier and so it glides on smoother. If you are using the brush that comes with the maybelline the Loreal one is pretty much the same. Give it a try!

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