Make my Face Up!

Hi guys!
I have completed my makeup look for today, it’s for those days where you go out with you girl friends and have girl time.
The girl day look ☺


The make I used is…bum bum bummm!;
1. Peach Water Primer by ELISHA COY–elishacoy-peach-water-aura-primer.html?a_aid=suomica
Price= $17.50
I completely recommend this primer because not only does it smell nice but it also makes your skin really soft and it holds makeup throughout the whole day:) I completely love it ❤

2.Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Cream
Price= $34.11
Although it seems pricey it’s completely worth it, it does everything it says it will and whitens your skin. Once the cream is put on it moistens the skin and covers any imperfection you don’t like. The bottle itself is cute and it last for a very long time!

3. FASH 120 Eyeshadow Pallette
Price= $11.99 right now (sale!!) Originally $39.99
I got this as a gift from my bf’s mom and I can’t get enough of it, it’s a double decker full of all different colors so you’ll never run out of combinations!
4. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen
Price= I believe around 5 dollars?
This is my go to liquid pen eyeliner, I haven’t found one that satisfies me like this one. It’s a wonderful black shade and it makes your eyes pop just by itself. It’s long lasting and definitely worth a try:)
5.Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
Price= $10 on website, much less in drugstore 😉
Another one of my favorites, it’s long lasting lol! Never has it smudged for me and it’s a beautiful color. ❤
6. Eyebrow Filler, Color Brown
Words are scratched off dont remember what brand sorry!! 😦
7. Matte Lipstick by Revlon or Cover girl. So sorry I’m not sure but it’s a beautiful light red color if put on lightly.

And that’s all for today’s Make MY Face Up. 🙂
Thank you guys so much fir reading my posts and following ❤
Let me know what you think of this look and what looks you like!
Also excuse the kinda bad pics, no pro camera at the moment D:


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