A little something <3

šŸ™‚ Hi guys, I’m finally back after who know how long!
I’m so sorry but I’ve been having things happen and everything was so hectic that It’s kept me away from things I love. But after what seems so long, I’m finally back šŸ™‚
And I’ve done a make my face up outta nowhere! It’s a simple one though, soon once I get a camera (rebel t31 hopefully!) and overall better things quality will get better, I just hope my posts have help you or something. šŸ™‚
Also guys something super important, in my opinion, that everyone should put on before makeup is primer. Seriously it does wonders to hold your face up lol!!
One of my all time favorite primers from ELISHACOY, Peach Water Aura Primer. Before I didn’t even know what primer did and now I’m so glad that I’ve furthered my makeup knowledge c: loooooove it-would die without it. Totally worth a try!



Well that’s all for today I hope someone likes it and thank you again for whoever reads my near ranting thoughts lol
Hei hei!!!


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