Sickly! ASDFGHhjKL!

Hei my lovelies~ So today is Monday, yeah? And Mondays are one of the day’s I update, right? Welllll… my body decided to make me feel like a load of BULLogna. It totally sucks, I wanted to show you guys my face cleanser machine thingy but I honestly think it might have to wait ๐Ÿ˜ฆ […]

Skincare Routine(NIGHTTIME)

Hei my lovelies!! I hope you had a wonderful day today, hopefully is was a bit more eventful then mineย โ™ฅ So yesterday I said I would be posting up about my skincare routine. I know there are plenty of people everywhere that don’t necessarily have a skincare routine so I’d love to share mine with […]

Cutie Pie Apparel

Hei everyone!! So I myself am a very frugal shopper. I mean I’m not too stingy but cmon a college girl HAS GOT TO EAT. Usually I spend more time online in shops rather than actually buying things. I’ll sit and fanatasize about how much I want that top or how much I want that […]