Cutie Pie Apparel

Hei everyone!!
So I myself am a very frugal shopper. I mean I’m not too stingy but cmon a college girl HAS GOT TO EAT.
Usually I spend more time online in shops rather than actually buying things.
I’ll sit and fanatasize about how much I want that top or how much I want that dress.
I’ll add them to my cart and see how much it actually is.

It’s upsetting….


I have a new place where I shop and it’s
Cutie Pie Apparel

Too cute!

Too cute!

This shop is seriously one of the cutest ever and I am completely in LOVE.

Their prices are to die for and everything is  FREE SHIPPING~
All of their items come with free tracking and it only takes a week to get to you.
Not only that but I have a discount code for all of you.
All you have to type into the COUPON CODE BOX is:

I hope all of you shop till you drop and love this shop as much as I do.
Happy Shopping!! ♥
Hei Hei!


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