Skincare Routine(NIGHTTIME)

Hei my lovelies!!

I hope you had a wonderful day today, hopefully is was a bit more eventful then mine ♥
So yesterday I said I would be posting up about my skincare routine. I know there are plenty of people everywhere that don’t necessarily have a skincare routine so I’d love to share mine with all of you 🙂
I hope it helps and I hope it may influence you into starting a routine too!

For nighttime, my routine consists of usually 2 things.

Firstly after my shower, I love to use my face scrub!
TONYMOLY Latte Art Cappuccino Face Scrub is what I use.


This thing works wonders!!
Seriously, it smells like delicious coffee, as if I’d been drinking some. Not only that but the container is completely adorable.
It’s a little cup of coffee!




BUTdon’t drink it! Haha!

Latte Art Cream Contains:
Milk Protein Extract, which in itself is a great moisturizer for the face and leaves the skin feeling like baby skin.
Caffeine, this actually makes face puffiness go down, so if you ever wake up with blowfish face, this will do wonders 😉
Acetyl Hexa-Peptide 8, so honestly I had no idea what this was (sorry! haha) but it’s effects are like botox and it smooths out wrinkles and such!
There’s a couple more ingredients that make this little cup of coffee the ultimate package!

Since I’ve had it, it’s been the only scrub that I love and feel comfortable with it on my face.
Guys give it a try if you’ve been itching for a new product or try it for the first time!
You definitely won’t regret it. 🙂

Once I finished washing my scrub off I’ll apply my lovely Lei Lani Wear White Body Cream~
Now this cream is not one I fell in love with instantly, it actually took me awhile to warm up to it.
Honestly I didn’t use it for at least 2 weeks once- true story!

Now let me warn you beforehand, this is a whitening cream!! I want to let you know before getting surprised.
But it’s not to ultimately bleach your skin. Mostly it’s for if you have darker spots on your body then this is it’s cure.

When I was younger, I would be chubby most of the time and I LOVED wearing skirts and such.
But…since I was my weight, my thighs would rub together when I’d walk and it would sadly cause friction which led to a slightly darker tone there.
I know weird? Haha I’m sorry to share that with you but I would think it be fairly normal. And heck I’ll share anything with you! But anyways those are one of the things that led to my self esteem lowering itself.
This cream definitely helps ANY darker areas on your bodies girls!
Not only does this cream lighten and brighten but it helps with wrinkles and keeps your skin super tight and moist.

Wear White Cream Contains:
Macadamia Seed Oil, helps with keeping the skin hydrated!
Hyaluronidase Sodium Carbonate, again another thing I had no clue about buuut after research (thank you internet) it basically acts like a skin conditioner!
And a bunch of other lovely ingredients!
Since this is a lotion there’s no need to wash it off at all, just sleep afterwards!

There you have it guys!
Those two things are my primary skincare items, maybe I’ll add more to my routine soon but I’m too tired or either too busy sometimes.
We’ll see and if I do I will defintely share these products with you!
I hope this helped some of you guys and that you start or continue your skincare routine.
Trust me, it helps your beautiful body sooo much!

I love you all pretty people!
Thank you for reading ♥
Hei Hei!!!


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