M Perfect BB Cream and Goodbye Pore Ever Primer (REVIEW)

Hei Loves!!

How was you day today? Wonderful I would hope 🙂
But here I am posting today like I scheduled! Yay!
So like I said I’ll be posting every Monday and Wednesday (at least I’m sure that’s what I said last post, lol) and I’ll usually be posting about new things and old things of makeup I may have. I’m really excited to get on a actual schedule this time around because I love looking at other’s post beauty suggestions and I love sharing my techniques and what I use.
Not only that but a schedule will actually keep me punctual, I procrastinate A LOT!

Today I’m posting about my oldies.
One is a BB Cream and the other is my lovely Primer  🙂
Now I’ll let you know beforehand, these items are in my top five favs, literally. I LOVEEE these items haha but enough ramble let me actually show you my treasures 😀

M Perfect Cover BB Cream

What we have here is a BB Cream from Missha, now Missha has so many great items for skin and makeup, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Usually their items will range anywhere from 10 bucks to 25 or 30 or maybe even higher, of course depending on what you’re looking for. Since I am only a college student ANNND I don’t make much to have luxurious beauty guru items, I make due with what I have.


But since I do like to treat my skin with great things I bought Missha’s BB Cream, originally when I purchased this BB Cream it was like $22 but now it’s on sale for $15 which in my eyes is a bargain.
Trust me it’s sooooooo worth it!!
This BB Cream is like others but it’s a more lightweight cream, so it doesn’t feel like a thousand pounds of caked on BB Cream on your face. I hate the feeling of having TOO much on. It treats dark spots on the face, such as acne scars, under eye darkness and unevenness with the skin. It also has UV protection (about 42 SPF) annd anti wrinkle, so if you’re like me you’ll do anything to prevent wrinkles on your beautiful face 🙂
It’s basically your average sized pump bottle thing, 50ml.
Key Ingredients:

Chamomile Extract, it soothes the face and calms it (haha like if your face was freaking out this makes it completely chill)
Rosemary Extract, also has a soothing affect and rejuvenates the skin so be careful to not put too much because you might just turn back into a baby 😉 (lol I’m sorry for my attempt at lame jokes)
Gatuline RC, an ingredient I have heard of and after research it apparently tightens and strengthens the skin so it won’t be sagging anytime soon!

Honestly guys, this cream is a life saver for those times where you want to wear makeup but you’re too lazy to actually go the whole mile AND if you just want the natural look 🙂

Goodbye Pore Ever Primer

How adorable does this look?? 🙂
I loved the packaging when I got it and I also got freebies to go along with it 😉
This primer feels so magical on my skin, it instantly melts into my skin and gives me amazing moisture and makes my makeup look AND feel a lot better!
Goodbye Pore Ever Primer is from Etude House (by all means, I’m in love with Etude House) and this is actually the first ever primer I have ordered from Etude House.
Seriously, whenever I go on a Etude House spree I never even once thought to look for a primer there. It would always be BB creams or lotions or even masks. I never knew I’d find this hidden gem in there.
When it comes to covering pores or making them seem like less or nonexistent this is the one. Not only that but sebum is afraid of this primer FOR REALS. 

*Sebum is an oily substance that I believe comes from the skin glands and tends to mess up your makeup and leaves you looking like a glossy mess 😦

I believe the price for this one is about $9.50 on the Etude House website and the actual container is 20ml!
The one I am showing here is the essence version, fancy way of saying liquid substance but I do believe they also have a stick version too ( If not then I’m sorry D:)

As for the ingredients of this it is just a huncha buncha stuff that honestly I can’t even say, all in all it’s GOOD FOR YOU GALS ♥

That’s all I wanted to share with you today, hopefully it was helpful and maybe you’ll try their things too! 
Thank you for following me on a beauty in everyday life♥ journey 
I love you all, thank you for reading!!
Hei Hei 


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