Brush Set Review and Lipstick!! :D

Hei my lovelies!!

So glad to be posting today! I missed the feeling of typing up posts.
I hope your week is going well 🙂
As for Valentines day I wish you all a happy one with your loved one. And for the ones like me (boyfriendless) to still indulge and treat yourself to something nice 😉
No one can love you more than you love yourself girls!

As for today’s post I wanted to show you what brush set I use to apply the magic of makeup and just a couple of lipsticks!

To tell the truth I’m not extremely content with my brush set. I mean not to sound ungrateful or anything, I know some people out there would love to have a brush set, especially a free one.
That’s right, my brush set was COMPLETELY FREE.
..No it wasn’t a store special or a giveaway haha. It was a gift from my ex’s mom, she’s a beauty and hair stylist so she always had great deals when it comes to related things like that.
I thank her to this day for gifting me something I’ve been wanting to get.
But I believe I need an upgrade.
Not because my brushes aren’t good (they’re good) it’s just that I want a better set and I’m missing some brushes that were damaged :/
(Hopefully I’m not coming off as a brat D: or spoiled)

Tada! My makeup brushes. 

Usually I’ll match up brushes that seem to go with what they look like (confusing right? sorry), meaning angled brushes I use for my eyes, applying gel liners or eyeshadow. Bigger brushes for foundation, mixing, blush, power blah blah blah.
The amount of brushes that come in the set are a set of 32, which to me is waaaay too much but I love have various brushes.
The different brushes contained in the set are:
Big Fan Brush, this brush is mainly used for highlighting and molding the face. Good for applying bronzers and highlighters.
Small Fan Brush, great for removing any residue that come from excess makeup, for example eyeshadow, just brush that extra stuff away!
Foundation Brush, perfect for what it’s named for, cream, liquid and powder foundations go great with this baby!
Blush brush, To apply blush and make you look adorable or like a blushing bride 😉
2 Concealer Brushes, got imperfections or flaws you hate on your face? Get some concealer and concealer brushes and hide those nasty things away 🙂
Spooly, this weirdly named baby is wonderful for removal of clumps from mascara AND perfecting those eyebrows 😀
Brow Brush and Comb, this little baby shades and fills your eyebrowssss.
Liner Brush, this miracle creator always aids me in achieving my winged eyeliner look, seriously I LOVAH IT.
Pencil Brush, helps smudge some of that eyeliner, heck you can even apply eyeshadow or highlights!
2 Eyeshadow Applicators, they do exactly what they’re named 😉
Flat Blending Brush, to blend the lovely makeup on your lovely faces ♥
Flat Top Blending Brush, for the flat areas of your face such as the forehead and I guess cheeks?.. Haha

I know that’s not all 32 in the set but I named some and what they do and what they’re good for.
I honestly learned a lot more about thes brushes when I did the research, hopefully you’ve learned along with me 🙂

This set of brushes isn’t the softest out there (another reason as to why I want to upgrade) nor are they good for a long time because I’ve heard of people having their wood split (get your minds out of the gutter!! haha) and some bristles falling out D:


I will say it’s great for ladies and gents out there who are either starting their makeup love story or uprising beauty stylists or a simple college student blogger like me!

Now on to the lipstickkks 

*Ignore my brush set, it just wants to be in all of my pictures. Psh conceited much??

Here we have some of my favorite lipsticks from my collection (I have way too much lipstick).
My favorite type of lipsticks shades would have to be extremely nude or pink or a SUPER bold and deep dark color.
Those shades will have my love forever but I’m hoping to get into the more in between shades.
Lets name these beauties here:
Shine Berry: I guess TECHNICALLY this isn’t a “lipstick” but more of a gloss but honestly I DON’T CURR. This baby is from Victoria’s Secret and it came in a gift thing I received for like my birthday or something. Honestly at first it was a meh kind of thing, I wasn’t too into it.
But WOOO man I was so wrong to judge. The smell and flavor (I DONT EAT LIPGLOSS, DONT JUDGE ME!! Lol) and the way it feels. I just love it too much.
Revlon Colorbrust, Color: Coquette: Now this one is definitely a favorite due to the fact that it’s just like a little crayon. It makes it so easy to outline your lips and fill them in. Plus the color is a bright pinkish so it really makes your face pop. It makes me feel even more confident with my look. It’s also glossy and never looks dry on the lips 🙂
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Color: Demure: Omg this is my go to lipstick whenever I want the simple look, the chill day with friends or heck even when I go out to shop. It’s the “Hey world I’m going natural today so suck it!”-look. I’ll even use it as a second lipstick because of how glossy it is. Not a matte at all.
L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick, Color: VOLCANIC: MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. This lipstick tops allllll of my lipsticks. I would slay to have and always keep this one (I wouldn’t actually slay anything or anyone 😦 I can’t even harm a bug!). The reason as to why I love this so much is due to the fact that it can be like a nude matte color OR it could be a HEY LOOK AT ME bold color if you apply more than 2 layers. I can’t express how much I love this one ♥
Whoa nelly! (is that the expression?!? haha!)
But I’m happy to let you know this is the end of the post.
Thank you so much for reading 🙂
Feel free to comment, let me know what you think, what you like and what you don’t like!
I’m sure your eyes are burning from reading so much so thank you again!!

Hei Hei Lovelies 

Seriously stop reading >;)


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