Eyeliner (short, sorry!)

Hei lovelies!!!

How did your Vdays go? I hope it was splendid 🙂
Whether if it was with your loved ones or by yourself (you aren’t alone!) I really hope you enjoyed it.

But I do have some bad news..
My oh so lovely compooper that should probably be put out of its misery, has some issues again. So I am NOT uploading this through there.

“But how ARE you uploading this then Genesis?!”

….my phone….

And yes I know my phone doesn’t sound that bad but honestly it really is. There is a crack in the middle of the screen and it interferes with everything and it’s just a load of baloney.
I hate dealing with it 😦
But I’m super dedicated to my blog and to all the people that follow me and read my blog blabber.
Sooooo I’m putting myself through this torture for all you lovely people out there 🙂

Anyways besides broken things and this hell that I’m going through I wanted to show you guys how I do my eyeliner!

Well… I’m not exactly showing you how I do it but how it looks like!
(Trust me guys once I get a camera and maybe a new laptop I will start up my Youtube channel and I would love to share with each and everyone of you how I do my makeup and stuff if you’re interested 🙂 )


I janked up the tip a bit D:


Normally my eyeliner style would be the winged tip and normally it’s what I stick to unless there’s a special occassion or I want something different.
I wouldn’t say this is the best wing I have done buuuuuut I did like how it looked even after I messed up on the tip a little bit.
My technique for applying eyeliner might be a bit weird or normal I’m not sure but it’s the way I do it usually. I do the outline of how I want it to look with a liquid eyeliner pen and then I fill it in with gel eyeliner!
I find it to be pretty easy but I do want to show you how I do it if there are people out there who don’t know or need help getting straight lines and making it look good. I would be glad to help 🙂

On that note I’m closing this post up and saying thank you for everyone who has read this and if you have any comments, just write them down below! 🙂

Hei Hei Lovelies!!!

P.S. I want to really thank all of you, I’M OVER 50 FOLLOWERS!!!!
You guys are really super freakin amazing.
Just knowing that you guys put me into your daily lives makes me the happiest human being! 🙂 Thank you seriously for reading my ramblings and rants.
Keep being amazing :)❤


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