Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist REVIEW !

Hei my lovelies!!!

Happy Thursday! (I know this isn’t on a Wednesday, don’t kill me bro D:)
Ugh guys I feel so bad for not posting this up on a ACTUAL Wednesday:( physical therapy was HELL. Literally my thigh muscles and everywhere muscles are killingggg me!
Once I got home I k’od and woke up late!


Besides my body failing on me and my bones feeling like they have been replaced by noodles, how are all of you!?
Wonderful I would hope 🙂

I’m actually REALLY excited to share this product with all of you today! It is up on my pedestal of greatest facial mists 🙂

*insert drum roll*




Haha. I’m wayy too ecstatic.

But really this mist makes dry face/dry cakey looking makeup nightmares look like Photoshoped reality!
This mist can be an on the go mist or a stay at home mist. Honestly it could be a whatever mist YOU want it to be 😉

For people like me who suffer dry skin on da face this really is a refreshing, moisturizing, skin-tone evening bottle of magical mist.

And if you are all about the organic life girl, this is totally for you.
*No Ethanol, No artificial pigments, No paraben, No benzophenone, No ethanol, No animal base materials, No mineral oil*

That right there is A LOT of no’s.

Not only that but it contains 100% organic green tea water.


Yup you totally read that right!

Basically this mist is useful for whenever your b-e-autiful face feels dry! Night OR Day.
A single spray will keep the… drying face monsters away?
And it is also great for makeup as I mentioned before! Before or after applying makeup will do.
Personally I like to apply after only due to the fact that I can be impatient. Although this dries and absorbs into your skin in the matter of SECONDS!

Innisfree is not a brand I follow but after this purchase I will definitely be checking them out!

Well that is all for today my loves and I’m truly sorry again for not uploading on time. (I’ll make it up to you all somehow)
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope you will stick with me for the next post. 

Hei Hei!


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