Liebster Blogger Award!! WHUT ME?!



Hei my lovely lovelies!

I have AHHMAZING news!!!…



I’m so taken back and just in awe! I know this isn’t a regular blog post but don’t worry nor fret I will definitely be uploading your scheduled normal post later today πŸ™‚

AHHHHH. I’m literally so grateful for tormentedsugar for nominating me.
Thanks so much girlie πŸ™‚

Totally check out her blog, she has WONDERFUL illustrations, creative art and so much more. It’s extremely lovely.

Let’s get this beautiful thing started then! πŸ™‚

Tormentedsugar’s questions:

1. Who is your most inspirational makeup Artist?
Mai Quynh. I love the simplicity she puts in her work and how she makes so many already stunning people even MORE stunning. Her work is what I want to achieve πŸ™‚

2. Who taught you to do your makeup?
One of my middle school best friends actually taught me. I was basically bare faced before she introduced me to all this magicΒ β™₯

3. What is your favorite Lipsick color?
Right now I am completely obsessed with Revlon’s Volcanic shade. Omgggg like I’m totally addicted haha!

4. What makeup brand are you obsessed with?
Umm toughy question here. I’m in love with so many but at the moment I’m obsessed with TONY MOLY. Check their products out, pretty much the cutest and most greatest products out there!

5. What is your most essential Beauty Tool?
Down to it probably my Eyeliner Brush. Honestly I love wearing eyeliner every time makeup hits my face, unless I’m doing a natural look that day.

6. How long have you been Beauty Blogging?
Oh mannnnn uhhhh gosh I feel so bad for not knowing this D: haha god I would say almost a year (I’d have to check ahh).

7. What is your favorite thing to do on a weekend?
Haha I just like to kick back and relax at home, spend some time with Netflix or I’ll go out with a couple of my friends and kick back. It’s mostly a chill time for me on weekends πŸ™‚

8. What is your favorite Magazine?
Bon AppΓ©tit magazine. I LOOOOOOOOVE anything food related. Yes I am a foodie πŸ™‚

9. What is your favorite Instagram account to stalk?
Ahh I feel so embarrassed to even admit I actually love stalking this Instagram account haha!! Not because of who it is but because it makes me realize how stalkery it may seem! I’M NOT A STALKER I SWEAR!!! ;o
But it’s Markiplier’s Instagram, he’s a lovely Let’s Player on Youtube, if you don’t know who he is go watch him πŸ™‚ he doesn’t update his Insta too much but when he does get ready to laugh!

10. Who is the most beautiful person to you?
My Pappa (grandfather). He passed away about 5 years ago and I will never forget who he was and what he stands for. He served in the Marines and always had such a positive outlook on life. He’d joke and laugh and make silly faces at me when I was younger. He was the true meaning of love and I can say he’s always going to be my inspiration in life.
He was the true definition of beautiful.Β β™₯

11. When I wake up the first thing I do is…?
The first thing I do, no lie, run my hands through my hair and over my face. Literally and then I’ll sit there for a bit and wait to be a little less half asleep haha πŸ™‚ I’m not at ALL a morning person.

11 Facts About Meee:

1. I’m into watching Let’s Plays on Youtube.
2. I am a mega gamer OvO
3. I love drawing, I draw the randomest stuff or portraits.
4. I’m SUPER freaking indecisive UGHH!
5. Super into Space and everything involving it.
6. Korean food is my guilty pleasureee.
7. I’m an exotic mix of Finnish/Dominican πŸ˜‰
8. I have a cat named Bran (yes from Game of Thrones!)
9. My hair has been tainted by many different hair dyes o:
10. H.I.M. is one of my all time favorite bands.
11. I’m an online shopaholic ;~;




Glory of the Stars

Candy Love Trap

Talk Beauty With Me

Blushing Pixel Puddings

Krystal D’Souza

Makeup On A Tight Budget

Simply Taylor RaeΒ 

My questions:

1. Are you a gamer? If so what is one of your favorite games?

2. Do you have any pets?

3. What clothing brand do you absolutely love?

4. All time favorite eyeliner?

5. Where are you from?

6. What social media site are you addicted to?

7. Who would you say is the biggest inspiration to you right now?

8. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?

9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

10. How do you express yourself?

And there you have it guys πŸ™‚ Enjoy and make sure to follow the rules down below!


Thank you my loves and thank you again tormentedsugar for the nomination πŸ™‚
I will be letting the nominees know, hope you have fun with my questions!!Β β™₯

Hei Hei


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