L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer (THOUGHTS, REVIEW!)

Hei lovelies!!!!

Guys omg it feels like it’s been forever! I missed typing away on my keyboard for my blog and you guys ♥

So good news is I don’t feel so much like a sack of potato’s, my sickness has gone down but..

Bad news is that I’m extremely fatigued because my body is using a lot of energy D:

Oh noooooooo!

Don’t worry about me though 🙂 I’m seriously feeling a lot better! WOO!

Today I wanted to share my new gel liner with you. I freakin love gel liner, girl if you haven’t tried gel liners then you need to go out there right now!

(Unless it’s really late and dark out then please stay inside D:)

Normally my one and only favorite Gel Eyeliner would be Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama in the shade of Blackest Black but sad news, I used my last one too much and needed emergency eyeliner 😦

And that’s where this baby comes in: 

IMG_20150225_215558My first impression of this was literally “Hey cool gel liner!” and then I paid for it haha! I didn’t even think about it and just bought it.
I can be so impulsive sometimes…

So after the purchase I got home and in a hurry started to get ready because I had to crunch my makeup time down since I had to get ready in about 30 minutes (I’m not good when it comes to time and makeup, I like to be a “perfectionist“).
I opened up the little capsule, took the brush and dipped it into the eyeliner…..


I was amazing, it felt as if I had a hot knife and the eyeliner was the butter. Even applying it to my upper eyelid was even almost therapeutic….

Now I know I’m being a little over exaggerated and dramatic but that’s what I do 😀 love me for it! ♥

Anyways after my makeup session, I was sooooo glad that this eyeliner was great.

Yet it started to smudge some…

Then later on it got somewhat clumpy…I mean it wasn’t like “Holy shizballs I got a wad of gel liner on my upper eyelid”, like it was very minimal yet I still felt uncomfortable.

Annnd then to my dismay it started to fade…..awwwwwww 😦

And here I thought the eyeliner was gonna be in my top five but honestly those factors are huge to me. Especially because I get really self conscious if eyeliner smudges on my eye and stuff.
I mean I haven’t completely given up on it but I wouldn’t wear it for a special occasion or event, I just can’t trust it’ll stay picture perfect and I’m totally not the girl who will carry makeup in like a purse or clutch.

All in all I’d give this eyeliner 5 out of 10 kickass points D:

Maybe it’ll give a better performance if I apply a heavy duty primer beforehand but it’s iffy guys :/
I might just have to keep hunting for a kickass eyeliner.

OH! Also if any of you follow Kat Von D’s line of makeup products with Sephora, do you happen to have any favorites?
I was thinking of buying her Tattoo Liner, ughh she looks so beautiful when she does her eyes ♥

I especially love her eyeshadow palettes ♥ her shades have the most creative names!!

🙂 that’s it for this one my loves ♥

Stay tuned for this week! (I know I’m not supposed to be uploading a new post this week but I wanted to introduce something new and great for the blog!! YAY!)

Thank you for reading, please comment, like or follow (or all ;D)

Hei Hei Lovelies




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