ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner (REVIEW/THOUGHTS)

Hei my lovelies!!!

Happy Monday!! 🙂 Hooray for a new post! 
I missed you all ♥ seriously, I’m so addicted to sharing my beauty in daily life through blogging. I love the fact that people take the time of day to read my nonsense 😉
Thank you all so much!

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You all rock, thank you 🙂

So today I want to share my 3D Spin Cleaner by ElishaCoy 🙂 

Basically if you’ve never heard of it, it’s this cute little pink machine that has a brush attached to it, it spins when powered and when there’s a cleanser on the brush it scrubs away the nasties from your face.

Sounds wonderful right? 😀

I know I want all the gunk from the day or makeup off my face when I go to sleep.
Trust me, sometimes makeup wipes and such don’t remove EVERYTHING off your precious face. Then that leads to evil outbreaks and such. 

Truth be told, I don’t use the actual cleanser that comes with the whole shabang. It makes me break out D: so I opted out with using my own cleansers 🙂 which works fine as well!!

IMG_20150302_214751This is what the little thing looks like with packaging and all.
3 items are included in the package:
Spin Machine
Blackhead Brush 
(sorry about this picture quality D: YIKES)

Now we have the actual Spin Machine! 🙂 I honestly think it’s a super cute looking machine (unless you have friends with their minds in the gutter and think this looks like something else…..if you don’t know what I’m suggesting then don’t worry about it 😀 if you do…. D:)
It only has 2 major buttons, one for the power and the other is the spinning speed!


Here are the two other items
*The Vita Capsule Cleanser
*The Blackhead Pore Brush 



And now the whole family of items! 😀
Plus the back if you guys wanna see what it says or shows 🙂

Alright so there’s my little picture bang and now for my opinions.

1. What really impressed me was how soft the brushes actually were, they felt like cloud hovering over my skin. I literally did not get irritated at all which is amazing because my skin turns red by anything!

2. I did feel thoroughly clean after using it and after a couple of weeks my skin did clear up a bit annnd it’s as smooth as a baby’s butt ;D

3. Even though the cleanser was rejected by my skin (sad day 😦) I was glad that I could use a different cleanser and still get to use my spin machine.

All in all…..
8.5 out of 10 Genesis points!!!!

I recommend this to all you in need of a cleanser machine thingy, it’s not at all expensive around 40 bucks I think!

It’s extremely hard to find good machines like this for it’s price.

I really do love mine and I hope you guys give it a try and see what you think 🙂

But yet again my post has come to an end ❤

You guys make my days, I was so excited to see that we are more than up to 100 followers.

Like wow, 100 of you guys follow me, that’s so sweet and amazing. 

It touches my heart to know you’re there so thank you!

Hei Hei lovelies


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