Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Studded Kiss Lipstick (REVIEW/THOUGHTS!!)

Hei my lovelies!!!

I feel like it’s been forrrevaaarrr 😦
I’m so sorry for not updating last time, as I told you guys I was sick and right after went to the doc’s. They gave me some antibiotics and I honestly felt amazing by Saturday.
Whichhhh….I wanted to share this amazing 2nd experience I had Saturday. My friend had turned 21 so we had a little bday bash and we went to LipsNow if you don’t know what Lips is, it’s basically a dinner theater 🙂 buuuuut the catch being THEY ARE FABULOUS DRAGQUEENS. IMG_20150309_224528

Literally guys, they are soooo freakin gorgeous it’s not even funny. Makeup was so on point I wanted to cry, they were so charming and down to earth, raunchy and funny to boot. 
I completely loved it.
I said 2nd experience because I have been there before but awhile back. So it was nice to get my memory refreshed 😉

We had tons of fun and tons of booze mixed with food/dessert, it was a blast 🙂 Totally check Lips out if you are ever NYC bound 😀


Before going out Saturday I went out to get a new outfit and some really cute wedges (I’ll totally show you guys in a short separate post if you want 🙂 ) and kinda treated myself with two little makeup items that I’ve really wanted.

Tattoo Liner

IMG_20150309_223532I absolutely love the packaging, it’s really Kat Von D-ish. It’s so awesome because as an artist myself Kat is a real inspiration and seeing as she sticks to who she is in her products rocks. The design for the little box is simple yet elegant plus the font really tops it off 🙂 (haha I’m totally fangirling over her!).

IMG_20150309_223701 And then the little liquid liner has really pretty writing on it, it’s a really convenient size, it could basically go with you anywhere! Stick it in your pockets, your clutch, your bra, in your shoe—heck wherever it is you put things! 🙂
What I really love about this liner is how smooth it is!!
It is REALLY pressure sensitive so be careful ladies! One hard swoop can completely change the outcome.
Also usually when I do put eyeliner I’ll do two layers, one of the liquid and then the gel. But with this eyeliner it’s so dark and bold I don’t need to make it pop!
I’m absolutely in love with it and I really recommend all of you to go ahead and try this little baby soooo worth it.
It was about roughly $20 which is a steal for this puppy! ♥

Studded Kiss Lipstick: Color HEXAGRAM RED (matte)


I’m in love with this one’s packaging too!!
I cannot tell you how LONG I have been wanting to add to my Kat Von D lipstick collection. I try to not indulge in my guilty pleasure but I totally could not resist this baby.


Isn’t this just the CUTEST THING?? 
It’s so badass and in your face, I love it 🙂
As you can see the red is REALLY red more of like a blood red shade and also a matte.
It’s definitely a color you want to go with for a night out on the town, date night, even girl night.
To me this is totally a party girl or biker chick look shade but it can also be the “I’m so fancy” look too!
I’m so in love with it that I have to resist the urge to wear it everyday LOL!
It can dry out, so make sure to moisturize those lips and be sure to carry the lipstick around with you just in case 🙂
Roughly about $19

Overall I give both of these products 9/10 Genesis points (not because I’m biased to Kat haha!)
Both of these items are worth their price and will give you so much.
So what are you waiting for guys?!?
GO GET IT >:D But sadly my beauties that is all for this post 🙂 ♥
Thank you so much for being patient with me these past couple of days and thank you all for the support and love ♥
You guys make my day 🙂
Stay amazing ♥

Hei Hei Lovelies


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