OOTD/Update (Updates I knowwww!)

Hei Lovelies!!

Gosh…it’s been awhile!
If some of you have been keeping tabs on my post days (which are Mondays and Wednesdays) you’ll notice that I did not post on Wednesday D:

Now I know, it’s like “Genesis where is my almost daily dose of you!?!” 😦
I want to inform you, that same day where I was supposed to post was when I actually went to the hospital. Don’t worry nothing major happened but I was having throat pain to the point where I couldn’t handle it.
But we found out that my tonsils have been swelling more than normal and that it’s time that I remove them.

Removing them should have been something I did loooong ago but I’ve always had this fear of it changing my voice- silly right? Haha.
But hopefully I’ll be doing it soon, so after going to the hospital I’ve just been healing up and working.

Right now I’m pretty alright so no worries lovesΒ β™₯ :tattly_mike_lowery_yay_burst_web_design_1_grande

So today I won’t be posting beauty related stuff but I just wanted to show you all my outfit for my friends 21st bday πŸ™‚



These are the pretty little wedges I bought the day before πŸ˜€Β 

Aren’t they cute?!? I’m so in love with them! I think I bought them at JCPenny but don’t hold me to that! Haha


And this was the whole outfit put together!! πŸ™‚ I thought my outfit was lovely, although not a flashy look at me getup but more of a hey elegance but party time outfit πŸ™‚

The blouse and pants actually came for YesStyle, if you’ve never shopped at YesStyle then you should totally start! I love their clothes!Β β™₯

So what do you guys think?! πŸ™‚ hope you liked this little post, although it’s not long I thought it was cute.
I love sharing stuff like this with you guys and I hope you enjoy it too!! OOTD’s is something I wanna keep doing so I really hope you liked this sneak peek to posts like that!

Hei Hei lovelies!



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