My Mom’s Gift (+Update, Sorry I’ve Been Gone)

Hei Lovelies!!!!!

God how long has it been my beautiful people?? Like 500 years or so it feels like haha!
I’ve missed this feeling soooo much you have no idea.
I know you’re wondering “what!! Genesis you haven’t post in like forever!!!

I know 😦 

But my loves I’m here now. I just wanted to let you all know that the reason as to why I haven’t been posting wasn’t because of my health (seriously I’m alright ❤) but a family members health in a different country.

From when I posted last to yesterday I have been in Finland taking care of a relative. She was really sick and hospitalized so I went to be with her. Good news though, she is totally good now ❤

I hope you guys aren’t too mad at me for not posting but I’m here now and for good 😀

But besides meeeee I wanted to share the gift I gave to my beloved mother.

After getting a new job she’s been wanting me to give her a eye shadow palette sooo I gave in and was like “Okay Mom!

So I did some online shopping in Sephora and found a cute little eye shadow palette for her 🙂 It’s called IT Palette-Color Spectrum from the Sephora Collection.


Isn’t it adorable 🙂 it looks like a little clutch to me c: and she absolutely loved it as well so everyone wins! Haha


Colors are:

Base: Soft Nude
Highlighter: Luminous Nude
Eyeliners: Vivid White and Charcoal Black
Eye Shadows: Rich Chocolate, Radiant Pink, Prismatic Purple, Brilliant Yellow, Iridescent Green, Magnetic Aqua and Blue Crystal

It came with the Eye Shadow colors (of course!), a double sided brush and an Eye Pencil in Black.

All in all though it came to be about $27 which in my eyes was a steal, my money was hurt but for my mom it was worth it haha!! I always love saving money but if I want it or want to buy it for a loved one I don’t really care how much I spend.

Budgets are overlooked for that!! Haha

What do you guys think? 🙂 I think it’s lovely!
Let me know everyone ♥

Thank you for reading!!

Hei Hei Lovelies


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