Nars Bday Gift! <3

Hei Lovelies!!!!

Oh lawd, I’ve missed this so much gahhhhhhhh!

I’ve been so terribly busy, I feel so bad since I keep not uploading on the days I’m supposed to (well besides today).
It breaks my heart, heck I might have to tone it down to one post a week till I’m able to have a normal schedule D:

But I do have a lovely little post for you today my loves so don’t worry! ♥ 🙂

So about a couple of days ago it was my birthday!

So naturally Sephora was kind enough to add a little birthday gift to my lovely purchase of items (which I will reveal later (;)
And it was 2 little Lipstick Pencils!! :DD
Let me tell you now I LOVE them both.
IMG_20150407_120133Included in this cute box is two shades:
Dragon Girl Velvet Matte & Biscayne Park Satin

These together are such a perfect duo due to the fact that if I’m feeling bold and out there the Velvet is what I would go with but then if I want something nude and natural Satin is totally in for me!
Although these are Matte (Dragon Girl) and Normal (Biscayne Park) they do give me moisture so that my lips don’t look like a dry desert or look bad!

I’m so grateful to have received these beauties, I can easily apply the lipstick due to the pencil part of it and it doesn’t really stain.

I just knew I had to share my gift with all of you so now you know what to get next time you shop at NARS ♥
Trust me ladies you will fall in LOOOVEEEEE.

Haha! 🙂
That’s all for today beauties ♥ I hope this helps you and lets you find something that you might just love too 🙂

Hei Hei Lovelies


4 thoughts on “Nars Bday Gift! <3

  1. Happy belated birthday, Genesis! I hope you had a lot of fun and it’s so cool that Sephora sent you those beauties! ❤

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