PONGDANG- Help My Body Slimming Patch!! (Thoughts/Half Review)

Hei Lovelies!!

Oh my god it literally has been FOREVER.
From the deepest, fondest and warmest part of my heart I AM SO SORRY.
I feel like I’ve neglected all you beautiful creatures :/ you must all hate me now D:

God, I swear I feel like dookie just because I haven’t updated/posted in weeks!

I want to let you know that I myself am alright, I’ve just been out of America and in Europe/Asia due to family issues that needed my immediate attention and total devotion. You guys (my lovelies) have always been in my thoughts and by the farthest I am definitely not stopping blogging! I love this way too much to lose and I love to see people gaining help from my posts. 🙂

With all of my thoughts and updates aside I’m here to introduce you all to this quirky item that I decided to buy (on impulse lol!) and now I will be trying (will be updating the results of day 1 tomorrow).


PONGDANG’S Help My Body Slimming Patch!!!

I love how cute the little box is!! She looks adorable posing and what not haha! Is it just me or is it just overly cute! I also love the fact that it shows you the places you can put the patch!

Let me just describe to you all what this little box of magic does! So it says it all in the name “Body Slimming Patch” so yes this is apparently supposed to help your problem areas with a patch that you basically stick onto yourself. The application within itself is fairly easy to use!

Directions of use:

1) Clean area before applying patch. Make sure area is completely dry.

2) Open patch. Remove transparent film. Apply to problem area.

3) Gently remove body slimming patch after use. Do not reuse.

Recommended if:
1) You have cellulite anywhere on your body which you don’t enjoy
2) You don’t really have time to work out in the day

3) You want to care for your bikini line
4) You want something for night 
5) You lose weight in areas you don’t want but keep weight in areas you want to lose

Green Tea Extract: Softens the skin like a babies bottom!
BItter Orange Extract: Makes your skin shine bright!
Ginkgo Leaf Extract: Skin protection!!
Peppermint Oil: Calms and Soothes the skin!
Betaine: Moisturizes so skin is hydrated!
Ivy Extract: Grants skin elasticity!
Bladderwreck Algae Extract: Anti-Aging(be young forever! ;))

Now lets get serious.
In all honestly I think everyone should know that this alone will not grant magical weight-loss, trust me ladies! 
I would say work out or eat better to be able to use these patches on the side. In the long run you will see DIFFERENCES but not by this product on it’s own.
No pain no gain! ♥
It’s suggested to leave this from 4-8 hours and I’m pretty sure there’s no reuse for the patches, so it’s a one time go for each patch.
I recommend this for night time so you can take it off before sleep or after sleep 🙂
I’m not sure if this would be great to use as you work out but I’ll definitely try it and tell you all how it goes!! 😀

IMG_20150601_220458There are 5 little patches in one box! 🙂


And heres the back, with the instructions and little pictures showing what areas would be good for the patch! Totally cuteee!!♥

What do you lovelies think!! Let me know 🙂
Also just click on PONGDANG’S Help My Body Slimming Patch to be directed to the product and see/read about yourself 🙂
I’m so glad to be back and I hope you all are too!
Love you guys!!!♥

Hei Hei Lovelies ♥


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