Eyeshadow Tones

Hei! ❤ Quick post to share what I do to test/see how a certain eyeshadow color blend will look like. I'm not sure if it's weird to do this but it definitely helps me! Haha 🙂 I love drawing so I use it to aid with other things sometimes. What do you guys think? Is […]


So it’s been super hectic in my life right now and it’s been something tough to deal with. It’s been affecting my blogging time and everything else. I’m so sorry I will try to get posts ready asap! Thank you to the people who follow and read my things ❤ I love everyone. Thank you […]


Hey guys! ❤ Sorry I haven't been posting anything guys, I've been having lady issues and it totally sucks. I know this isn't really related to beauty but would anyone know how calm these cramps? They kill me soo much to the point where I can't do much nor Pilates and it makes me sad […]

Make my Face Up!

Hi guys! I have completed my makeup look for today, it’s for those days where you go out with you girl friends and have girl time. The girl day look ☺ The make I used is…bum bum bummm!; 1. Peach Water Primer by ELISHA COY http://www.wishtrend.com/make-up/547–elishacoy-peach-water-aura-primer.html?a_aid=suomica Price= $17.50 I completely recommend this primer because not […]


Hei! 🙂 How’s everyone today? As for myself I’ve been sleeping all day 😦 haven’t been feeling well so this is going to be a short one! I just wanted to know what clothing sites people like? Mine ranges from YesStyle, Sheinside, PLNDR soo many more. I serioisly love getting new stuff just as much […]