ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner (REVIEW/THOUGHTS)

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Happy Monday!! 🙂 Hooray for a new post! 
I missed you all ♥ seriously, I’m so addicted to sharing my beauty in daily life through blogging. I love the fact that people take the time of day to read my nonsense 😉
Thank you all so much!

*We’ve reached 100+ followers*

You all rock, thank you 🙂

So today I want to share my 3D Spin Cleaner by ElishaCoy 🙂 

Basically if you’ve never heard of it, it’s this cute little pink machine that has a brush attached to it, it spins when powered and when there’s a cleanser on the brush it scrubs away the nasties from your face.

Sounds wonderful right? 😀

I know I want all the gunk from the day or makeup off my face when I go to sleep.
Trust me, sometimes makeup wipes and such don’t remove EVERYTHING off your precious face. Then that leads to evil outbreaks and such. 

Truth be told, I don’t use the actual cleanser that comes with the whole shabang. It makes me break out D: so I opted out with using my own cleansers 🙂 which works fine as well!!

IMG_20150302_214751This is what the little thing looks like with packaging and all.
3 items are included in the package:
Spin Machine
Blackhead Brush 
(sorry about this picture quality D: YIKES)

Now we have the actual Spin Machine! 🙂 I honestly think it’s a super cute looking machine (unless you have friends with their minds in the gutter and think this looks like something else…..if you don’t know what I’m suggesting then don’t worry about it 😀 if you do…. D:)
It only has 2 major buttons, one for the power and the other is the spinning speed!


Here are the two other items
*The Vita Capsule Cleanser
*The Blackhead Pore Brush 



And now the whole family of items! 😀
Plus the back if you guys wanna see what it says or shows 🙂

Alright so there’s my little picture bang and now for my opinions.

1. What really impressed me was how soft the brushes actually were, they felt like cloud hovering over my skin. I literally did not get irritated at all which is amazing because my skin turns red by anything!

2. I did feel thoroughly clean after using it and after a couple of weeks my skin did clear up a bit annnd it’s as smooth as a baby’s butt ;D

3. Even though the cleanser was rejected by my skin (sad day 😦) I was glad that I could use a different cleanser and still get to use my spin machine.

All in all…..
8.5 out of 10 Genesis points!!!!

I recommend this to all you in need of a cleanser machine thingy, it’s not at all expensive around 40 bucks I think!

It’s extremely hard to find good machines like this for it’s price.

I really do love mine and I hope you guys give it a try and see what you think 🙂

But yet again my post has come to an end ❤

You guys make my days, I was so excited to see that we are more than up to 100 followers.

Like wow, 100 of you guys follow me, that’s so sweet and amazing. 

It touches my heart to know you’re there so thank you!

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L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer (THOUGHTS, REVIEW!)

Hei lovelies!!!!

Guys omg it feels like it’s been forever! I missed typing away on my keyboard for my blog and you guys ♥

So good news is I don’t feel so much like a sack of potato’s, my sickness has gone down but..

Bad news is that I’m extremely fatigued because my body is using a lot of energy D:

Oh noooooooo!

Don’t worry about me though 🙂 I’m seriously feeling a lot better! WOO!

Today I wanted to share my new gel liner with you. I freakin love gel liner, girl if you haven’t tried gel liners then you need to go out there right now!

(Unless it’s really late and dark out then please stay inside D:)

Normally my one and only favorite Gel Eyeliner would be Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama in the shade of Blackest Black but sad news, I used my last one too much and needed emergency eyeliner 😦

And that’s where this baby comes in: 

IMG_20150225_215558My first impression of this was literally “Hey cool gel liner!” and then I paid for it haha! I didn’t even think about it and just bought it.
I can be so impulsive sometimes…

So after the purchase I got home and in a hurry started to get ready because I had to crunch my makeup time down since I had to get ready in about 30 minutes (I’m not good when it comes to time and makeup, I like to be a “perfectionist“).
I opened up the little capsule, took the brush and dipped it into the eyeliner…..


I was amazing, it felt as if I had a hot knife and the eyeliner was the butter. Even applying it to my upper eyelid was even almost therapeutic….

Now I know I’m being a little over exaggerated and dramatic but that’s what I do 😀 love me for it! ♥

Anyways after my makeup session, I was sooooo glad that this eyeliner was great.

Yet it started to smudge some…

Then later on it got somewhat clumpy…I mean it wasn’t like “Holy shizballs I got a wad of gel liner on my upper eyelid”, like it was very minimal yet I still felt uncomfortable.

Annnd then to my dismay it started to fade…..awwwwwww 😦

And here I thought the eyeliner was gonna be in my top five but honestly those factors are huge to me. Especially because I get really self conscious if eyeliner smudges on my eye and stuff.
I mean I haven’t completely given up on it but I wouldn’t wear it for a special occasion or event, I just can’t trust it’ll stay picture perfect and I’m totally not the girl who will carry makeup in like a purse or clutch.

All in all I’d give this eyeliner 5 out of 10 kickass points D:

Maybe it’ll give a better performance if I apply a heavy duty primer beforehand but it’s iffy guys :/
I might just have to keep hunting for a kickass eyeliner.

OH! Also if any of you follow Kat Von D’s line of makeup products with Sephora, do you happen to have any favorites?
I was thinking of buying her Tattoo Liner, ughh she looks so beautiful when she does her eyes ♥

I especially love her eyeshadow palettes ♥ her shades have the most creative names!!

🙂 that’s it for this one my loves ♥

Stay tuned for this week! (I know I’m not supposed to be uploading a new post this week but I wanted to introduce something new and great for the blog!! YAY!)

Thank you for reading, please comment, like or follow (or all ;D)

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Sickly! ASDFGHhjKL!

Hei my lovelies~

So today is Monday, yeah?
And Mondays are one of the day’s I update, right?

Welllll… my body decided to make me feel like a load of BULLogna.
It totally sucks, I wanted to show you guys my face cleanser machine thingy but I honestly think it might have to wait 😦
I really need rest so I can better up for Wednesday to give you guys a kickass review.
I totally feel bad not just due to the sickness but because I’m not sharing my beauty stuffs with all you lovelies :/

Hope you forgive me guys!
Have a wonderful night, I will be back Wednesday ♥

Hyvää Yötä ♥
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Liebster Blogger Award!! WHUT ME?!



Hei my lovely lovelies!

I have AHHMAZING news!!!…



I’m so taken back and just in awe! I know this isn’t a regular blog post but don’t worry nor fret I will definitely be uploading your scheduled normal post later today 🙂

AHHHHH. I’m literally so grateful for tormentedsugar for nominating me.
Thanks so much girlie 🙂

Totally check out her blog, she has WONDERFUL illustrations, creative art and so much more. It’s extremely lovely.

Let’s get this beautiful thing started then! 🙂

Tormentedsugar’s questions:

1. Who is your most inspirational makeup Artist?
Mai Quynh. I love the simplicity she puts in her work and how she makes so many already stunning people even MORE stunning. Her work is what I want to achieve 🙂

2. Who taught you to do your makeup?
One of my middle school best friends actually taught me. I was basically bare faced before she introduced me to all this magic ♥

3. What is your favorite Lipsick color?
Right now I am completely obsessed with Revlon’s Volcanic shade. Omgggg like I’m totally addicted haha!

4. What makeup brand are you obsessed with?
Umm toughy question here. I’m in love with so many but at the moment I’m obsessed with TONY MOLY. Check their products out, pretty much the cutest and most greatest products out there!

5. What is your most essential Beauty Tool?
Down to it probably my Eyeliner Brush. Honestly I love wearing eyeliner every time makeup hits my face, unless I’m doing a natural look that day.

6. How long have you been Beauty Blogging?
Oh mannnnn uhhhh gosh I feel so bad for not knowing this D: haha god I would say almost a year (I’d have to check ahh).

7. What is your favorite thing to do on a weekend?
Haha I just like to kick back and relax at home, spend some time with Netflix or I’ll go out with a couple of my friends and kick back. It’s mostly a chill time for me on weekends 🙂

8. What is your favorite Magazine?
Bon Appétit magazine. I LOOOOOOOOVE anything food related. Yes I am a foodie 🙂

9. What is your favorite Instagram account to stalk?
Ahh I feel so embarrassed to even admit I actually love stalking this Instagram account haha!! Not because of who it is but because it makes me realize how stalkery it may seem! I’M NOT A STALKER I SWEAR!!! ;o
But it’s Markiplier’s Instagram, he’s a lovely Let’s Player on Youtube, if you don’t know who he is go watch him 🙂 he doesn’t update his Insta too much but when he does get ready to laugh!

10. Who is the most beautiful person to you?
My Pappa (grandfather). He passed away about 5 years ago and I will never forget who he was and what he stands for. He served in the Marines and always had such a positive outlook on life. He’d joke and laugh and make silly faces at me when I was younger. He was the true meaning of love and I can say he’s always going to be my inspiration in life.
He was the true definition of beautiful. ♥

11. When I wake up the first thing I do is…?
The first thing I do, no lie, run my hands through my hair and over my face. Literally and then I’ll sit there for a bit and wait to be a little less half asleep haha 🙂 I’m not at ALL a morning person.

11 Facts About Meee:

1. I’m into watching Let’s Plays on Youtube.
2. I am a mega gamer OvO
3. I love drawing, I draw the randomest stuff or portraits.
4. I’m SUPER freaking indecisive UGHH!
5. Super into Space and everything involving it.
6. Korean food is my guilty pleasureee.
7. I’m an exotic mix of Finnish/Dominican 😉
8. I have a cat named Bran (yes from Game of Thrones!)
9. My hair has been tainted by many different hair dyes o:
10. H.I.M. is one of my all time favorite bands.
11. I’m an online shopaholic ;~;




Glory of the Stars

Candy Love Trap

Talk Beauty With Me

Blushing Pixel Puddings

Krystal D’Souza

Makeup On A Tight Budget

Simply Taylor Rae 

My questions:

1. Are you a gamer? If so what is one of your favorite games?

2. Do you have any pets?

3. What clothing brand do you absolutely love?

4. All time favorite eyeliner?

5. Where are you from?

6. What social media site are you addicted to?

7. Who would you say is the biggest inspiration to you right now?

8. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?

9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

10. How do you express yourself?

And there you have it guys 🙂 Enjoy and make sure to follow the rules down below!


Thank you my loves and thank you again tormentedsugar for the nomination 🙂
I will be letting the nominees know, hope you have fun with my questions!! ♥

Hei Hei

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist REVIEW !

Hei my lovelies!!!

Happy Thursday! (I know this isn’t on a Wednesday, don’t kill me bro D:)
Ugh guys I feel so bad for not posting this up on a ACTUAL Wednesday:( physical therapy was HELL. Literally my thigh muscles and everywhere muscles are killingggg me!
Once I got home I k’od and woke up late!


Besides my body failing on me and my bones feeling like they have been replaced by noodles, how are all of you!?
Wonderful I would hope 🙂

I’m actually REALLY excited to share this product with all of you today! It is up on my pedestal of greatest facial mists 🙂

*insert drum roll*




Haha. I’m wayy too ecstatic.

But really this mist makes dry face/dry cakey looking makeup nightmares look like Photoshoped reality!
This mist can be an on the go mist or a stay at home mist. Honestly it could be a whatever mist YOU want it to be 😉

For people like me who suffer dry skin on da face this really is a refreshing, moisturizing, skin-tone evening bottle of magical mist.

And if you are all about the organic life girl, this is totally for you.
*No Ethanol, No artificial pigments, No paraben, No benzophenone, No ethanol, No animal base materials, No mineral oil*

That right there is A LOT of no’s.

Not only that but it contains 100% organic green tea water.


Yup you totally read that right!

Basically this mist is useful for whenever your b-e-autiful face feels dry! Night OR Day.
A single spray will keep the… drying face monsters away?
And it is also great for makeup as I mentioned before! Before or after applying makeup will do.
Personally I like to apply after only due to the fact that I can be impatient. Although this dries and absorbs into your skin in the matter of SECONDS!

Innisfree is not a brand I follow but after this purchase I will definitely be checking them out!

Well that is all for today my loves and I’m truly sorry again for not uploading on time. (I’ll make it up to you all somehow)
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope you will stick with me for the next post. 

Hei Hei!

Eyeliner (short, sorry!)

Hei lovelies!!!

How did your Vdays go? I hope it was splendid 🙂
Whether if it was with your loved ones or by yourself (you aren’t alone!) I really hope you enjoyed it.

But I do have some bad news..
My oh so lovely compooper that should probably be put out of its misery, has some issues again. So I am NOT uploading this through there.

“But how ARE you uploading this then Genesis?!”

….my phone….

And yes I know my phone doesn’t sound that bad but honestly it really is. There is a crack in the middle of the screen and it interferes with everything and it’s just a load of baloney.
I hate dealing with it 😦
But I’m super dedicated to my blog and to all the people that follow me and read my blog blabber.
Sooooo I’m putting myself through this torture for all you lovely people out there 🙂

Anyways besides broken things and this hell that I’m going through I wanted to show you guys how I do my eyeliner!

Well… I’m not exactly showing you how I do it but how it looks like!
(Trust me guys once I get a camera and maybe a new laptop I will start up my Youtube channel and I would love to share with each and everyone of you how I do my makeup and stuff if you’re interested 🙂 )


I janked up the tip a bit D:


Normally my eyeliner style would be the winged tip and normally it’s what I stick to unless there’s a special occassion or I want something different.
I wouldn’t say this is the best wing I have done buuuuuut I did like how it looked even after I messed up on the tip a little bit.
My technique for applying eyeliner might be a bit weird or normal I’m not sure but it’s the way I do it usually. I do the outline of how I want it to look with a liquid eyeliner pen and then I fill it in with gel eyeliner!
I find it to be pretty easy but I do want to show you how I do it if there are people out there who don’t know or need help getting straight lines and making it look good. I would be glad to help 🙂

On that note I’m closing this post up and saying thank you for everyone who has read this and if you have any comments, just write them down below! 🙂

Hei Hei Lovelies!!!

P.S. I want to really thank all of you, I’M OVER 50 FOLLOWERS!!!!
You guys are really super freakin amazing.
Just knowing that you guys put me into your daily lives makes me the happiest human being! 🙂 Thank you seriously for reading my ramblings and rants.
Keep being amazing :)❤

Brush Set Review and Lipstick!! :D

Hei my lovelies!!

So glad to be posting today! I missed the feeling of typing up posts.
I hope your week is going well 🙂
As for Valentines day I wish you all a happy one with your loved one. And for the ones like me (boyfriendless) to still indulge and treat yourself to something nice 😉
No one can love you more than you love yourself girls!

As for today’s post I wanted to show you what brush set I use to apply the magic of makeup and just a couple of lipsticks!

To tell the truth I’m not extremely content with my brush set. I mean not to sound ungrateful or anything, I know some people out there would love to have a brush set, especially a free one.
That’s right, my brush set was COMPLETELY FREE.
..No it wasn’t a store special or a giveaway haha. It was a gift from my ex’s mom, she’s a beauty and hair stylist so she always had great deals when it comes to related things like that.
I thank her to this day for gifting me something I’ve been wanting to get.
But I believe I need an upgrade.
Not because my brushes aren’t good (they’re good) it’s just that I want a better set and I’m missing some brushes that were damaged :/
(Hopefully I’m not coming off as a brat D: or spoiled)

Tada! My makeup brushes. 

Usually I’ll match up brushes that seem to go with what they look like (confusing right? sorry), meaning angled brushes I use for my eyes, applying gel liners or eyeshadow. Bigger brushes for foundation, mixing, blush, power blah blah blah.
The amount of brushes that come in the set are a set of 32, which to me is waaaay too much but I love have various brushes.
The different brushes contained in the set are:
Big Fan Brush, this brush is mainly used for highlighting and molding the face. Good for applying bronzers and highlighters.
Small Fan Brush, great for removing any residue that come from excess makeup, for example eyeshadow, just brush that extra stuff away!
Foundation Brush, perfect for what it’s named for, cream, liquid and powder foundations go great with this baby!
Blush brush, To apply blush and make you look adorable or like a blushing bride 😉
2 Concealer Brushes, got imperfections or flaws you hate on your face? Get some concealer and concealer brushes and hide those nasty things away 🙂
Spooly, this weirdly named baby is wonderful for removal of clumps from mascara AND perfecting those eyebrows 😀
Brow Brush and Comb, this little baby shades and fills your eyebrowssss.
Liner Brush, this miracle creator always aids me in achieving my winged eyeliner look, seriously I LOVAH IT.
Pencil Brush, helps smudge some of that eyeliner, heck you can even apply eyeshadow or highlights!
2 Eyeshadow Applicators, they do exactly what they’re named 😉
Flat Blending Brush, to blend the lovely makeup on your lovely faces ♥
Flat Top Blending Brush, for the flat areas of your face such as the forehead and I guess cheeks?.. Haha

I know that’s not all 32 in the set but I named some and what they do and what they’re good for.
I honestly learned a lot more about thes brushes when I did the research, hopefully you’ve learned along with me 🙂

This set of brushes isn’t the softest out there (another reason as to why I want to upgrade) nor are they good for a long time because I’ve heard of people having their wood split (get your minds out of the gutter!! haha) and some bristles falling out D:


I will say it’s great for ladies and gents out there who are either starting their makeup love story or uprising beauty stylists or a simple college student blogger like me!

Now on to the lipstickkks 

*Ignore my brush set, it just wants to be in all of my pictures. Psh conceited much??

Here we have some of my favorite lipsticks from my collection (I have way too much lipstick).
My favorite type of lipsticks shades would have to be extremely nude or pink or a SUPER bold and deep dark color.
Those shades will have my love forever but I’m hoping to get into the more in between shades.
Lets name these beauties here:
Shine Berry: I guess TECHNICALLY this isn’t a “lipstick” but more of a gloss but honestly I DON’T CURR. This baby is from Victoria’s Secret and it came in a gift thing I received for like my birthday or something. Honestly at first it was a meh kind of thing, I wasn’t too into it.
But WOOO man I was so wrong to judge. The smell and flavor (I DONT EAT LIPGLOSS, DONT JUDGE ME!! Lol) and the way it feels. I just love it too much.
Revlon Colorbrust, Color: Coquette: Now this one is definitely a favorite due to the fact that it’s just like a little crayon. It makes it so easy to outline your lips and fill them in. Plus the color is a bright pinkish so it really makes your face pop. It makes me feel even more confident with my look. It’s also glossy and never looks dry on the lips 🙂
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Color: Demure: Omg this is my go to lipstick whenever I want the simple look, the chill day with friends or heck even when I go out to shop. It’s the “Hey world I’m going natural today so suck it!”-look. I’ll even use it as a second lipstick because of how glossy it is. Not a matte at all.
L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick, Color: VOLCANIC: MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. This lipstick tops allllll of my lipsticks. I would slay to have and always keep this one (I wouldn’t actually slay anything or anyone 😦 I can’t even harm a bug!). The reason as to why I love this so much is due to the fact that it can be like a nude matte color OR it could be a HEY LOOK AT ME bold color if you apply more than 2 layers. I can’t express how much I love this one ♥
Whoa nelly! (is that the expression?!? haha!)
But I’m happy to let you know this is the end of the post.
Thank you so much for reading 🙂
Feel free to comment, let me know what you think, what you like and what you don’t like!
I’m sure your eyes are burning from reading so much so thank you again!!

Hei Hei Lovelies 

Seriously stop reading >;)

M Perfect BB Cream and Goodbye Pore Ever Primer (REVIEW)

Hei Loves!!

How was you day today? Wonderful I would hope 🙂
But here I am posting today like I scheduled! Yay!
So like I said I’ll be posting every Monday and Wednesday (at least I’m sure that’s what I said last post, lol) and I’ll usually be posting about new things and old things of makeup I may have. I’m really excited to get on a actual schedule this time around because I love looking at other’s post beauty suggestions and I love sharing my techniques and what I use.
Not only that but a schedule will actually keep me punctual, I procrastinate A LOT!

Today I’m posting about my oldies.
One is a BB Cream and the other is my lovely Primer  🙂
Now I’ll let you know beforehand, these items are in my top five favs, literally. I LOVEEE these items haha but enough ramble let me actually show you my treasures 😀

M Perfect Cover BB Cream

What we have here is a BB Cream from Missha, now Missha has so many great items for skin and makeup, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Usually their items will range anywhere from 10 bucks to 25 or 30 or maybe even higher, of course depending on what you’re looking for. Since I am only a college student ANNND I don’t make much to have luxurious beauty guru items, I make due with what I have.


But since I do like to treat my skin with great things I bought Missha’s BB Cream, originally when I purchased this BB Cream it was like $22 but now it’s on sale for $15 which in my eyes is a bargain.
Trust me it’s sooooooo worth it!!
This BB Cream is like others but it’s a more lightweight cream, so it doesn’t feel like a thousand pounds of caked on BB Cream on your face. I hate the feeling of having TOO much on. It treats dark spots on the face, such as acne scars, under eye darkness and unevenness with the skin. It also has UV protection (about 42 SPF) annd anti wrinkle, so if you’re like me you’ll do anything to prevent wrinkles on your beautiful face 🙂
It’s basically your average sized pump bottle thing, 50ml.
Key Ingredients:

Chamomile Extract, it soothes the face and calms it (haha like if your face was freaking out this makes it completely chill)
Rosemary Extract, also has a soothing affect and rejuvenates the skin so be careful to not put too much because you might just turn back into a baby 😉 (lol I’m sorry for my attempt at lame jokes)
Gatuline RC, an ingredient I have heard of and after research it apparently tightens and strengthens the skin so it won’t be sagging anytime soon!

Honestly guys, this cream is a life saver for those times where you want to wear makeup but you’re too lazy to actually go the whole mile AND if you just want the natural look 🙂

Goodbye Pore Ever Primer

How adorable does this look?? 🙂
I loved the packaging when I got it and I also got freebies to go along with it 😉
This primer feels so magical on my skin, it instantly melts into my skin and gives me amazing moisture and makes my makeup look AND feel a lot better!
Goodbye Pore Ever Primer is from Etude House (by all means, I’m in love with Etude House) and this is actually the first ever primer I have ordered from Etude House.
Seriously, whenever I go on a Etude House spree I never even once thought to look for a primer there. It would always be BB creams or lotions or even masks. I never knew I’d find this hidden gem in there.
When it comes to covering pores or making them seem like less or nonexistent this is the one. Not only that but sebum is afraid of this primer FOR REALS. 

*Sebum is an oily substance that I believe comes from the skin glands and tends to mess up your makeup and leaves you looking like a glossy mess 😦

I believe the price for this one is about $9.50 on the Etude House website and the actual container is 20ml!
The one I am showing here is the essence version, fancy way of saying liquid substance but I do believe they also have a stick version too ( If not then I’m sorry D:)

As for the ingredients of this it is just a huncha buncha stuff that honestly I can’t even say, all in all it’s GOOD FOR YOU GALS ♥

That’s all I wanted to share with you today, hopefully it was helpful and maybe you’ll try their things too! 
Thank you for following me on a beauty in everyday life♥ journey 
I love you all, thank you for reading!!
Hei Hei 

Update Plus Some Makeup :)

Hei Lovelies!

Hopefully you guys had a woonderful day today, as for me I’m a bit tired due to physical therapy D:
It’s nothing serious besides inflammation of muscles in my lower back if you were wondering 🙂
Besides that I just wanted to update you all on the fact that…..



I’m so stoked to be sharing my beauty life with all of you soon and I hope you are as excited as I am.
Honestly I’m so grateful for all my followers, I literally love all of you for putting me into your daily lives and reading my blabber and ramble. I feel so lucky and it gladens my heart that you guys look at me for makeup related things 🙂

Besides the mushy lovey dovey gratefulness, that’s all I wanted to let y’all know ^^

Here’s an update on what I look like today!

Hei Loves :)

Hei Loves 🙂

Thank you for reading!!!
Hei Hei

P.s. I hope to be starting my Youtube channel soon! Be on the look out 😉

Skincare Routine(NIGHTTIME)

Hei my lovelies!!

I hope you had a wonderful day today, hopefully is was a bit more eventful then mine ♥
So yesterday I said I would be posting up about my skincare routine. I know there are plenty of people everywhere that don’t necessarily have a skincare routine so I’d love to share mine with all of you 🙂
I hope it helps and I hope it may influence you into starting a routine too!

For nighttime, my routine consists of usually 2 things.

Firstly after my shower, I love to use my face scrub!
TONYMOLY Latte Art Cappuccino Face Scrub is what I use.


This thing works wonders!!
Seriously, it smells like delicious coffee, as if I’d been drinking some. Not only that but the container is completely adorable.
It’s a little cup of coffee!




BUTdon’t drink it! Haha!

Latte Art Cream Contains:
Milk Protein Extract, which in itself is a great moisturizer for the face and leaves the skin feeling like baby skin.
Caffeine, this actually makes face puffiness go down, so if you ever wake up with blowfish face, this will do wonders 😉
Acetyl Hexa-Peptide 8, so honestly I had no idea what this was (sorry! haha) but it’s effects are like botox and it smooths out wrinkles and such!
There’s a couple more ingredients that make this little cup of coffee the ultimate package!

Since I’ve had it, it’s been the only scrub that I love and feel comfortable with it on my face.
Guys give it a try if you’ve been itching for a new product or try it for the first time!
You definitely won’t regret it. 🙂

Once I finished washing my scrub off I’ll apply my lovely Lei Lani Wear White Body Cream~
Now this cream is not one I fell in love with instantly, it actually took me awhile to warm up to it.
Honestly I didn’t use it for at least 2 weeks once- true story!

Now let me warn you beforehand, this is a whitening cream!! I want to let you know before getting surprised.
But it’s not to ultimately bleach your skin. Mostly it’s for if you have darker spots on your body then this is it’s cure.

When I was younger, I would be chubby most of the time and I LOVED wearing skirts and such.
But…since I was my weight, my thighs would rub together when I’d walk and it would sadly cause friction which led to a slightly darker tone there.
I know weird? Haha I’m sorry to share that with you but I would think it be fairly normal. And heck I’ll share anything with you! But anyways those are one of the things that led to my self esteem lowering itself.
This cream definitely helps ANY darker areas on your bodies girls!
Not only does this cream lighten and brighten but it helps with wrinkles and keeps your skin super tight and moist.

Wear White Cream Contains:
Macadamia Seed Oil, helps with keeping the skin hydrated!
Hyaluronidase Sodium Carbonate, again another thing I had no clue about buuut after research (thank you internet) it basically acts like a skin conditioner!
And a bunch of other lovely ingredients!
Since this is a lotion there’s no need to wash it off at all, just sleep afterwards!

There you have it guys!
Those two things are my primary skincare items, maybe I’ll add more to my routine soon but I’m too tired or either too busy sometimes.
We’ll see and if I do I will defintely share these products with you!
I hope this helped some of you guys and that you start or continue your skincare routine.
Trust me, it helps your beautiful body sooo much!

I love you all pretty people!
Thank you for reading ♥
Hei Hei!!!