PONGDANG- Help My Body Slimming Patch!! (Thoughts/Half Review)

Hei Lovelies!!

Oh my god it literally has been FOREVER.
From the deepest, fondest and warmest part of my heart I AM SO SORRY.
I feel like I’ve neglected all you beautiful creatures :/ you must all hate me now D:

God, I swear I feel like dookie just because I haven’t updated/posted in weeks!

I want to let you know that I myself am alright, I’ve just been out of America and in Europe/Asia due to family issues that needed my immediate attention and total devotion. You guys (my lovelies) have always been in my thoughts and by the farthest I am definitely not stopping blogging! I love this way too much to lose and I love to see people gaining help from my posts. 🙂

With all of my thoughts and updates aside I’m here to introduce you all to this quirky item that I decided to buy (on impulse lol!) and now I will be trying (will be updating the results of day 1 tomorrow).


PONGDANG’S Help My Body Slimming Patch!!!

I love how cute the little box is!! She looks adorable posing and what not haha! Is it just me or is it just overly cute! I also love the fact that it shows you the places you can put the patch!

Let me just describe to you all what this little box of magic does! So it says it all in the name “Body Slimming Patch” so yes this is apparently supposed to help your problem areas with a patch that you basically stick onto yourself. The application within itself is fairly easy to use!

Directions of use:

1) Clean area before applying patch. Make sure area is completely dry.

2) Open patch. Remove transparent film. Apply to problem area.

3) Gently remove body slimming patch after use. Do not reuse.

Recommended if:
1) You have cellulite anywhere on your body which you don’t enjoy
2) You don’t really have time to work out in the day

3) You want to care for your bikini line
4) You want something for night 
5) You lose weight in areas you don’t want but keep weight in areas you want to lose

Green Tea Extract: Softens the skin like a babies bottom!
BItter Orange Extract: Makes your skin shine bright!
Ginkgo Leaf Extract: Skin protection!!
Peppermint Oil: Calms and Soothes the skin!
Betaine: Moisturizes so skin is hydrated!
Ivy Extract: Grants skin elasticity!
Bladderwreck Algae Extract: Anti-Aging(be young forever! ;))

Now lets get serious.
In all honestly I think everyone should know that this alone will not grant magical weight-loss, trust me ladies! 
I would say work out or eat better to be able to use these patches on the side. In the long run you will see DIFFERENCES but not by this product on it’s own.
No pain no gain! ♥
It’s suggested to leave this from 4-8 hours and I’m pretty sure there’s no reuse for the patches, so it’s a one time go for each patch.
I recommend this for night time so you can take it off before sleep or after sleep 🙂
I’m not sure if this would be great to use as you work out but I’ll definitely try it and tell you all how it goes!! 😀

IMG_20150601_220458There are 5 little patches in one box! 🙂


And heres the back, with the instructions and little pictures showing what areas would be good for the patch! Totally cuteee!!♥

What do you lovelies think!! Let me know 🙂
Also just click on PONGDANG’S Help My Body Slimming Patch to be directed to the product and see/read about yourself 🙂
I’m so glad to be back and I hope you all are too!
Love you guys!!!♥

Hei Hei Lovelies ♥


Nars Bday Gift! <3

Hei Lovelies!!!!

Oh lawd, I’ve missed this so much gahhhhhhhh!

I’ve been so terribly busy, I feel so bad since I keep not uploading on the days I’m supposed to (well besides today).
It breaks my heart, heck I might have to tone it down to one post a week till I’m able to have a normal schedule D:

But I do have a lovely little post for you today my loves so don’t worry! ♥ 🙂

So about a couple of days ago it was my birthday!

So naturally Sephora was kind enough to add a little birthday gift to my lovely purchase of items (which I will reveal later (;)
And it was 2 little Lipstick Pencils!! :DD
Let me tell you now I LOVE them both.
IMG_20150407_120133Included in this cute box is two shades:
Dragon Girl Velvet Matte & Biscayne Park Satin

These together are such a perfect duo due to the fact that if I’m feeling bold and out there the Velvet is what I would go with but then if I want something nude and natural Satin is totally in for me!
Although these are Matte (Dragon Girl) and Normal (Biscayne Park) they do give me moisture so that my lips don’t look like a dry desert or look bad!

I’m so grateful to have received these beauties, I can easily apply the lipstick due to the pencil part of it and it doesn’t really stain.

I just knew I had to share my gift with all of you so now you know what to get next time you shop at NARS ♥
Trust me ladies you will fall in LOOOVEEEEE.

Haha! 🙂
That’s all for today beauties ♥ I hope this helps you and lets you find something that you might just love too 🙂

Hei Hei Lovelies

My Mom’s Gift (+Update, Sorry I’ve Been Gone)

Hei Lovelies!!!!!

God how long has it been my beautiful people?? Like 500 years or so it feels like haha!
I’ve missed this feeling soooo much you have no idea.
I know you’re wondering “what!! Genesis you haven’t post in like forever!!!

I know 😦 

But my loves I’m here now. I just wanted to let you all know that the reason as to why I haven’t been posting wasn’t because of my health (seriously I’m alright ❤) but a family members health in a different country.

From when I posted last to yesterday I have been in Finland taking care of a relative. She was really sick and hospitalized so I went to be with her. Good news though, she is totally good now ❤

I hope you guys aren’t too mad at me for not posting but I’m here now and for good 😀

But besides meeeee I wanted to share the gift I gave to my beloved mother.

After getting a new job she’s been wanting me to give her a eye shadow palette sooo I gave in and was like “Okay Mom!

So I did some online shopping in Sephora and found a cute little eye shadow palette for her 🙂 It’s called IT Palette-Color Spectrum from the Sephora Collection.


Isn’t it adorable 🙂 it looks like a little clutch to me c: and she absolutely loved it as well so everyone wins! Haha


Colors are:

Base: Soft Nude
Highlighter: Luminous Nude
Eyeliners: Vivid White and Charcoal Black
Eye Shadows: Rich Chocolate, Radiant Pink, Prismatic Purple, Brilliant Yellow, Iridescent Green, Magnetic Aqua and Blue Crystal

It came with the Eye Shadow colors (of course!), a double sided brush and an Eye Pencil in Black.

All in all though it came to be about $27 which in my eyes was a steal, my money was hurt but for my mom it was worth it haha!! I always love saving money but if I want it or want to buy it for a loved one I don’t really care how much I spend.

Budgets are overlooked for that!! Haha

What do you guys think? 🙂 I think it’s lovely!
Let me know everyone ♥

Thank you for reading!!

Hei Hei Lovelies

I’m sorry :(

Hei Lovelies!

I owe you guys a real big explanation as to why I did not update this week (I’m sooo sorry)
Any of you that have been following my posts on here should know that I haven’t been in the best of health 😦

I’m bedridden after getting the stomach flu (just my luck huh!)

But I do have good news that it’s nothing too serious just the fact that I haven’t been able to hold my food 😦

And I LOVE food.

Makes me sad 

So you guys I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to go back to my normal schedule of posting every Mondays and Wednesdays!!!

Please have patience with me guys I won’t fail you♥

Hei Hei Lovelies

Beautiful Blogger Award!!! (Wooo! :D)

Hei Lovelies!!

Guess what! 🙂

….I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!! 😀 WOO

Haha, I’m so happy and ecstatic about this I feel extremely honored to receive this especially due to the fact that I haven’t been posting anything (I’m sorry loves).
I would love to thank the lovely Kaui from kauifrommaui, wow girl thank you so much!! I never in a million years would of thought of being nominated for this. Kaui you are lovely! She’s a true gem in this sea of bloggers so you definitely need to check her out guys! She posts everything from Fashion, Books to Beauty and Motherhood!
Plus she’s from Hawaii ;D ♥
So from me to you Kaui Kiitos! ♥ 🙂

Now lets get to it! 🙂

The Rules:

Display the Award logo on your blog.

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.

Let them know they have been nominated.

My Nominated Lovelies ♥:

Simply Taylor Rae: Taylor is somebody who I immediately fell in love with! Her blog literally gives me joy especially when she posts something new. Games and me mix A LOT and she offers this! So I’m basically a little kid in a candy store when it comes to her blog. Games, Beauty, Fashion, finding you inner nerd 😉 everythings there!!! ♥

VioletBlu26: Esther is actually somebody I recently started following because she had followed my blog so I definitely had to check out her stuff! I would definitely recommend her blog to a lot of ladies out there who need that extra push to incorporate beauty into their daily lives 🙂 Contouring, Foundation, Reviews, Beauty videos and everything beautiful! ♥

Ohmydexy: This beauty here hails from France! So her blog is pretty much all French but with my previous (and limited) knowledge of french I can read her blog posts with a breeze. Heck even if I didn’t know French I would still try to read her posts. Trust me, beautiful images, makeup reviews, pretty clothes and again AMAZING pictures. Super artsy and beautiful ♥

JazzyHands: A fairly new beauty in blogging, Jazzy or Jaz :). Experience traveling with her magical shots and positive words. Worth the follow for such beautiful pictures and shots.Kick back and relax with her blog. Passion is definitely here! ♥

A Vibrant Day: A very very pretty lady (seriously she is beautiful :)) who posts about daily life things. Beauty Box reviews, beauty videos, fashion, food, traveling. Everything! Check her out guys you won’t be disappointed with her content, it’s like a breath of fresh air ♥

BeautyVixens: This doll here is named Ashley and she’s a beauty! A beauty blogger mom who recently joined our beautiful community so lets welcome her with open arms 🙂 In her blog you’ll definitely find enough beauty to quench your thirst. She offers a great bunch of tips and advice. Extensions is something she covers also and her most recent was about foundation! So lets join her on her beauty journey 🙂 ♥

Marina’s Beauty Studio: Curls curls curls! A lovely curly headed beauty with a bunch of tips for haircare and beauty tricks. She’s absolutely stunning and gives great advice, especially if you have curly hair troubles! Nail art galore as well as makeup galore, this girl has pretty much the whole package and you’d be doing yourself wrong for not following! 🙂

There you go my lovelies! 🙂 Hope you check these beauties out and hopefully follow them on their journey!
Sorry for the ones who have already been nominated!

Keep on being beautiful loves 

Hei Hei Lovlies 

OOTD/Update (Updates I knowwww!)

Hei Lovelies!!

Gosh…it’s been awhile!
If some of you have been keeping tabs on my post days (which are Mondays and Wednesdays) you’ll notice that I did not post on Wednesday D:

Now I know, it’s like “Genesis where is my almost daily dose of you!?!” 😦
I want to inform you, that same day where I was supposed to post was when I actually went to the hospital. Don’t worry nothing major happened but I was having throat pain to the point where I couldn’t handle it.
But we found out that my tonsils have been swelling more than normal and that it’s time that I remove them.

Removing them should have been something I did loooong ago but I’ve always had this fear of it changing my voice- silly right? Haha.
But hopefully I’ll be doing it soon, so after going to the hospital I’ve just been healing up and working.

Right now I’m pretty alright so no worries loves ♥ :tattly_mike_lowery_yay_burst_web_design_1_grande

So today I won’t be posting beauty related stuff but I just wanted to show you all my outfit for my friends 21st bday 🙂



These are the pretty little wedges I bought the day before 😀 

Aren’t they cute?!? I’m so in love with them! I think I bought them at JCPenny but don’t hold me to that! Haha


And this was the whole outfit put together!! 🙂 I thought my outfit was lovely, although not a flashy look at me getup but more of a hey elegance but party time outfit 🙂

The blouse and pants actually came for YesStyle, if you’ve never shopped at YesStyle then you should totally start! I love their clothes! ♥

So what do you guys think?! 🙂 hope you liked this little post, although it’s not long I thought it was cute.
I love sharing stuff like this with you guys and I hope you enjoy it too!! OOTD’s is something I wanna keep doing so I really hope you liked this sneak peek to posts like that!

Hei Hei lovelies!

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette!!!! (REVIEW/THOUGHTS)

Hei Lovelies!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great week so far! 🙂
As for myself I’ve been prettyyy busy honestly!
Good news all around!!


I’m so happy! I’ll be trading off a pet daycare center to Petco which honestly is so going to help for Vet school 😀


So everything is pretty great right now~
But I’m sort of sick….


Haha! 🙂
But as I promised before I said I was going to show you all the new Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette!
Sorry to have kept you waiting, I actually got it earlier today but sadly was not able to get the Shade + Light Contour Brush 😦

I’ll get it next time promise!♥


Isn’t the cover so beautiful? 🙂

What I really love about this contour palette is how broad the spectrum of colors are.

IMG_20150316_202533As you can see if you flip it over it shows you whats inside!
So for the lights there is:
Lucid (pinkish nude)
Lyric (yellow beige)
Levitation (soft peach)
And for the shades:
Sombre (true taupe)
Shadowplay (soft brown)
Subconscious (deep brown)


Then there’s a little cute mirror on the inside so it’s easier to see what you’re doing!

It’s basically the complete package for contouring and what would make it even better is the brush that goes along with it 🙂

Along with the palette comes a instruction page, it’s super cute!
Kat Von D’s art is gorgeous and compliments this nicely.


The front of it explains who Kat Von D is and what she does and how her makeup line is. Then it shows you the colors along with how the brush looks and what each side of the brush is supposed to do.


And here on the magically side which is the back shows you each step and what shade is supposed to go where and what light is supposed to go there. In my opinion it’s a really cute demonstration and step by step. If a ditzy person like myself can figure it out then so can you 😉
What I really love is that anybody coming into the world of makeup won’t be so intimidated by contouring!
TRUST ME contouring looks like a wizard can only do it!!

Whether you want your nose to look slimmer or your face this contour palette is definitely steering you in the right direction 🙂

All in all I would give this contour palette a 9.5 out of 10 Genesis points 😀

Not only is it beginner friendly but it’s also a really beautiful product to the eyes. Basically eye candy ;D
The colors are great and smooth on the skin, blends perfectly when using the right brushes and it definitely sculpts your face into a more beautiful you ♥

So what do you guys think! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this and helps you decide whether you want to try this out or not.
Let me know what you all think!♥

Hei Hei Lovelies!

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette & Shade + Light Contour Brush (SHORT/UPCOMING REVIEW)

Hei my lovelies!!!!!

How are you guys!! :DD I missed all of you so much!
I’m sooooo excited for this product and if you read the title (which I hope you did D:<) you know what it is 😉

Question, who else loves Kat Von D? I know I do.
When she first started her makeup line it literally blew my mind, an artist was coming up with amazing products for my skin?!? No way…

Yes way.

I fell in love the moment her products were introduced and I knew her brand would always be in my top five.
From eyeshadow palettes to lipstick and foundation. She provided everything I needed and in the right way.
So not only did this woman amaze me with her art but with her art of makeup.

Haha but all my fangirling put aside I thoroughly enjoy her products every time and now with her new Shade + Light Contour Palette and the Shade + Light Contour Brush it’s the next item’s down my list to share with you guys!

Shade + Light Contour Palette

Shade + Light Contour Brush

Shade + Light Contour Brush w/ Case

Now being someone who is not extremely skilled in contouring of the face I won’t be amazballs at it like some other beauty guru’s in the history of beauty guru’s but I will try my best. 🙂

I’m just extremely excited to share this with all of you and I hope you are too!!

If some of you actually have it, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section! 😀
Till next time loves ♥ 🙂


Hei Hei Lovelies

*Sorry this wasn’t posted on an actual Wednesday but my internet was being a real craphole and was not at all working with me. So sorry!!! <3*

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Studded Kiss Lipstick (REVIEW/THOUGHTS!!)

Hei my lovelies!!!

I feel like it’s been forrrevaaarrr 😦
I’m so sorry for not updating last time, as I told you guys I was sick and right after went to the doc’s. They gave me some antibiotics and I honestly felt amazing by Saturday.
Whichhhh….I wanted to share this amazing 2nd experience I had Saturday. My friend had turned 21 so we had a little bday bash and we went to LipsNow if you don’t know what Lips is, it’s basically a dinner theater 🙂 buuuuut the catch being THEY ARE FABULOUS DRAGQUEENS. IMG_20150309_224528

Literally guys, they are soooo freakin gorgeous it’s not even funny. Makeup was so on point I wanted to cry, they were so charming and down to earth, raunchy and funny to boot. 
I completely loved it.
I said 2nd experience because I have been there before but awhile back. So it was nice to get my memory refreshed 😉

We had tons of fun and tons of booze mixed with food/dessert, it was a blast 🙂 Totally check Lips out if you are ever NYC bound 😀


Before going out Saturday I went out to get a new outfit and some really cute wedges (I’ll totally show you guys in a short separate post if you want 🙂 ) and kinda treated myself with two little makeup items that I’ve really wanted.

Tattoo Liner

IMG_20150309_223532I absolutely love the packaging, it’s really Kat Von D-ish. It’s so awesome because as an artist myself Kat is a real inspiration and seeing as she sticks to who she is in her products rocks. The design for the little box is simple yet elegant plus the font really tops it off 🙂 (haha I’m totally fangirling over her!).

IMG_20150309_223701 And then the little liquid liner has really pretty writing on it, it’s a really convenient size, it could basically go with you anywhere! Stick it in your pockets, your clutch, your bra, in your shoe—heck wherever it is you put things! 🙂
What I really love about this liner is how smooth it is!!
It is REALLY pressure sensitive so be careful ladies! One hard swoop can completely change the outcome.
Also usually when I do put eyeliner I’ll do two layers, one of the liquid and then the gel. But with this eyeliner it’s so dark and bold I don’t need to make it pop!
I’m absolutely in love with it and I really recommend all of you to go ahead and try this little baby soooo worth it.
It was about roughly $20 which is a steal for this puppy! ♥

Studded Kiss Lipstick: Color HEXAGRAM RED (matte)


I’m in love with this one’s packaging too!!
I cannot tell you how LONG I have been wanting to add to my Kat Von D lipstick collection. I try to not indulge in my guilty pleasure but I totally could not resist this baby.


Isn’t this just the CUTEST THING?? 
It’s so badass and in your face, I love it 🙂
As you can see the red is REALLY red more of like a blood red shade and also a matte.
It’s definitely a color you want to go with for a night out on the town, date night, even girl night.
To me this is totally a party girl or biker chick look shade but it can also be the “I’m so fancy” look too!
I’m so in love with it that I have to resist the urge to wear it everyday LOL!
It can dry out, so make sure to moisturize those lips and be sure to carry the lipstick around with you just in case 🙂
Roughly about $19

Overall I give both of these products 9/10 Genesis points (not because I’m biased to Kat haha!)
Both of these items are worth their price and will give you so much.
So what are you waiting for guys?!?
GO GET IT >:D But sadly my beauties that is all for this post 🙂 ♥
Thank you so much for being patient with me these past couple of days and thank you all for the support and love ♥
You guys make my day 🙂
Stay amazing ♥

Hei Hei Lovelies

No Post Today (this one doesn’t count)

Hei lovelies!

I’m sorry but today I won’t be posting anything new.
I’m bedridden :/ I have such a horrible headache I can only have my eyes closed and it’ll feel good.
Tomorrow I will be visiting the doc and see what they tell me.

Thank you all for sticking around!  ♥
Will see you soon ♥

Hei Hei Lovelies